Using Social Media for Knowledge Mobilization

July 23, 2014

An interesting blog posting by an epigeneticist about using Social Media to get the message out about your research…

“While most in the STEM fields don’t like having the word social attached to their work, sometimes social media can be just the right way to make a scientific impact, especially in today’s interconnected world.  Now not every project or paper will warrant the use of Web 2.0 techniques but in the right case they will help you accomplish the scientific impact you’ve dreamed of.”  Read more…

Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada – 2014 Competition

July 23, 2014

This is the first call for nominations for the 2014 competition for Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada (RSC).

Fellows are peer-elected as the best in their field, and thus represent the pinnacle of Canadian intellectual leadership. Their exceptional intellectual achievements are evidenced by a body of publications, intellectual endeavours, or creative activities exhibiting original contributions in the arts, humanities, or sciences, as well as activities in public life. At the time of their election, Fellows must be Canadian citizens or have had Canadian permanent resident status for at least three years.

It is recommended that work on nomination packages begin early (September/October) to avoid creating a rushed nomination of lesser quality. Nominations are due on Monday, December 1, 2014, and consist of the following:

  1. An introductory letter from the Primary Nominator (one page; not an appraisal)
  2. Two letters of co-nomination (one page each; not appraisals)
  3. A 70-word citation written for non-specialists
  4. A 1000-word detailed appraisal of achievements
  5. A list of 15 key scholarly/artistic contributions of the nominee, including links to the works, where possible
  6. The nominee’s CV (max. 50 pages)
  7. Depending on the nominee’s field, two to five referee assessments with 250-word referee biographies appended (max. three pages each)

Please also see the infosheet and nomination guide.

Please contact for assistance in creating and compiling materials, soliciting nomination/support letters, and answering any questions/concerns regarding the RSC and its Fellowship program.


NSERC Discovery Applications at Western

July 22, 2014

NSERC 2014 Discovery Grant (DG): Western application guide attached

Western’s Deadlines for NSERC DG at a Glance:
August 1st at 8PM = NSERC NOI Deadline
Monday October 20th, 2014 at 5PM = Western RD&S Deadline for Review (optional)
Tuesday October 28th, 2014 at 5PM = Western RD&S ROLA and application Deadline (mandatory)
Monday November 3rd, 2014 at 2PM = NSERC Deadline (mandatory)**Since the application day of Nov 1st falls on a Saturday – the deadline will automatically default to the next business day.

Please consult with Karen Kueneman in the Faculty of Education Research Office for internal deadlines at the faculty level.

NSERC application instructions can be accessed online here.

Please note:  The Common CV is required for the NSERC 2014 Discovery application.  Please see the attached instruction sheet for how to link your CCV to the Research Portal.  If you have not completed a CCV before now, please be aware that this will take a significant amount of time and you will need to plan accordingly.

internal deadlines.  Please consult your faculty research office for more information.

Update on CCV and Research Portal for SSHRC and NSERC

July 22, 2014

An update has been released on changes to the Common CV and Research Portal as of June 30, 2014.

The following changes to the CCV template have recently been made based on the valuable feedback received from the community:

  • Ability to import publication files in Bibtex format that is supported by Google Scholar, Web of Science and Scopus
  • Improvements to the PubMed interface to allow multiple records to be imported at once
  • Migration of existing PubMed records into the journal section of the CCV

Here are some of the enhancements to the systems that are planned for this summer:

  • Research Portal
    • Application review and assessments submitted through the Research Portal, including improved PDF documents
    • Improved filtering functionality on the Research Portal for Student Liaison and Grants Officers
    • Enhancements to Canada Graduate Scholarships Program — Master’s invitation and references process
  • Common CV
    • Improvements to the PDF preview

The Research Portal and CCV are mandatory for this Fall’s NSERC Discovery Grant.

Note, however, that this fall’s SSHRC Insight Grant Competition will ­NOT be using the Research Portal nor the CCV.  The system for Insight grants remains the same as it has been for several years.  (However, SSHRC Insight Development Grants have used this system for the past 2 competitions.)

SSHRC Insight Grants full application now available

July 21, 2014

The Insight Grants full application is now available online. Please note the following:

  • An Insight Grant (IG) application will be created for all applicants who have submitted the IG Notice of Intent (NOI) in their Portfolio.
  • IG full application instructions are attached.
  • The deadline for submission is October 15th, 2014 at 8:00 PM Eastern.  NOTE the Research Western deadline is 2:00 pm. No applications will be accepted after the deadline.  (Note that there will be earlier deadlines for the Faculty and Research Western in order to ensure your application is complete and ready to submit.)
  • Applications must be submitted by Research Western. (When you submit your application it goes to Laura Moxey at Research Western.  Once she has checked it over and ensured it is complete she will contact the researcher to check that it is OK to submit and then will submit it to SSHRC.)


  • Each applicant must submit an NOI directly to SSHRC via the online system by August 15th, 2014.
  • NOIs will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • An applicant who has not submitted an NOI by August 15th will be ineligible to submit a full application in the October 2014 competition.
  • Postsecondary institutions will be provided with a list of their faculty who have submitted an NOI after the August 15th deadline via SSHRC’s secure site.

Research Western – SSHRC Insight Application Guide 2014

Please address any technical questions to the Helpdesk by email ( For any questions regarding the funding opportunity itself please email or telephone 613-996-6976.

Sharing scientific research with non-experts

July 17, 2014

From an Academica Top Ten Report (July 17, 2014):

“Robert Seigel, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Miami, has developed a web platform that he hopes will help scientists better communicate their published research to non-expert audiences. “Publiscize” allows scientists, organizations, or “enthusiasts” to sign up to receive daily alerts about new content. They may also submit a “scinopsis” of their accepted or published peer-reviewed research to share with others. The website offers guidelines to help scientists write for a lay audience, suggesting that they consider first-person narration and that they lead with their main point. Seigel says that his site encourages professors to share their research without having to go through institutional communications officers, though he hopes public relations officers will use his site as well. Inside Higher Ed | Publiscize

Potential Funding Opportunities 2014-15

June 25, 2014

(Deadline dates are approximate – not an exhaustive list):

Funding source Research Office Deadline Agency Deadline
Visiting University Scholar Program One week prior to agency Ongoing
Western Innovation Fund n/a Ongoing
Early Researcher Award (Ontario) July 14 (draft Research Western)
Aug 5 (Research Western)
May 30 (NOI)
Aug 11
Faculty of Education – Visiting Speaker Funding ( 1-2 day visits) n/a Ongoing
CIHR – Foundation Live Pilot At least 2 weeks prior to agency Jun 23-Registration
Sep 15-Stage 1 App
Feb 5-Stage 2 App
Spencer Foundation – Small One week prior to agency Jun 24
SSHRC Connection grants One week prior to agency Aug 1
NSERC Discovery Grant Notice of Intent – MANDATORY n/a Aug 1
SSHRC Insight Grant – Notice of Intent to apply – MANDATORY n/a Aug 15
Spencer Foundation – Small One week prior to agency Aug 28
Ontario Mental Health Foundation One week prior to agency Sep 12
Faculty Research Development Fund n/a Fall (TBD)
Faculty of Education Internal Conference Travel n/a Oct 1
SSHRC Insight Grants Sept 10 (first draft)Oct 1 Oct 15
Spencer Foundation (small) One week prior to agency Nov 18
Faculty of Education – Visiting Scholar Funding n/a Oct 31
SSHRC Connection grants One week prior to agency Nov 1
SSHRC Partnership Grants – Full application – by invitation At least one week prior to agency Nov 1
NSERC Discovery Grant One week prior to agency Nov 3
Western SSHRB / MHSRB /SERB Nov 1 Nov 15
SSHRC Partnership Development Grant One week prior to agency Nov 30
SSHRC Connection grants One week prior to agency Feb 1
SSHRC Insight Development Grants One week prior to agency Feb 1
SSHRC Partnership Grants-Letter of Intent Two weeks prior to agency Feb 15
CIHR – Operating Grants (Transitional) At least 2 weeks prior to agency Jan 9 Registration
Mar 2 Full Application
Faculty of Education Internal Conference Travel n/a Mar 1
Faculty of Education Internal Research n/a Apr 1
Western SSHRB / MHSRB /SERB May 1 May 15
SSHRC Connection grants One week prior to agency May 1
Faculty Research Development Fund n/a Spring (TBD – May?)
SSHRC Impact Awards One month prior to agency May 9



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