Investigator Initiated Projects – Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network

The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network (CLLRNET) has issued a Call for Letters of Intent for projects addressing issues relevant to the development of good language and literacy skills, including numeracy skills (beginning January 2008).

Amount: $50,000 per year (maximum 3 years)
Projects which supplement the Network’s funding through contributions from partners and other sources are strongly encouraged.

Deadline for Letters of Intent:
Dean’s Office:  If you would like feedback on your proposal please submit to Karen Kueneman in the Dean’s Office 1-2 weeks prior to the agency deadline.
Research Western: At least 3 days prior to the agency deadline.
CLLRNET: July 9, 2007

Projects which address the following groups of vulnerable children are of particular interest: 1) minority-language children, 2) aboriginal children, 3) children in immigrant families, and 4) children who require better instruction on special intervention to acquire good literacy skills.
Several types of projects are also particularly encouraged, including: 1) research focusing on the barriers to and more effective ways of translating research into practice; 2) population research involving large institutional data sets; 3) research directed at improving teaching and learning; 4) research leading to more effective interventions; and 5) policy research.

Eligibility: Project leaders must be eligible to receive funding through the Canadian Research Granting Councils. Priority will be given to projects undertaken in the context of a multidisciplinary research team.

More information on the program and Letters of Intent…

CLLRNET contact: Katy Pocock, Program Officer, , 519-850-2930

Letters of Intent and Full Applications are to be processed through Research Development Services for institutional signatures, and are to be accompanied by a completed RDAF form (bearing applicant, Chair and Dean signatures). Requests for Institutional signatures should be received no less than 3 days prior to the posted Agency deadline.

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