HRSDC – Notice of Requests for Proposals

Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) has sent out a preliminary notice of requests for proposals for programs of research by teams of researchers in policy areas. Specific announcements will come out in late November. The programs of research will commence in Spring 2009.

The five themes that will be covered in the research programs are:

1. Measuring the Returns to Adult Learning/Training in the Context of an Evolving Labour Market
2. Numeracy in human capital and its impact on labour market performance.
3. Family Caregiving
4. Canada’s Retirement Income System (RIS)
5. Defining and Measuring Elder Abuse

HRSDC is seeking proposals from new and existing multi-disciplinary teams of researchers for a coherent multi-year (up to three years) program of research work that results in a body of evidence on topics listed in the attachment below for at least one of the five themes.
Each program of research will consist of a number of individual research projects (up to 10), at the discretion of bidder. Within each research program, researchers are encouraged to propose research projects to address complementary topics not specifically identified in the theme descriptions.
Research teams are required to utilize multi-disciplinary approaches and, where possible, to build capacity by engaging new or young researchers in the research program. The research teams have an opportunity to develop ground breaking research through this support for innovative and exploratory inquiry with long-term research benefits. Academic excellence and policy relevance of the research will be ensured through the application of internal and academic peer review. Researchers will retain intellectual property rights over the research.

Contract Value: Contract amounts will vary according to proposed size and duration of the research program, and the level of effort required for program completion. The total budget for any particular research program will not exceed $500,000. Contracts will pay for research deliverables only.

More information in attachment…


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