The Ontario Metropolis Centre Request for Proposals

CERIS – The Ontario Metropolis Centre has announced a call for research proposals for research projects on policy relevant research associated with the six CERIS research domains (see below). CERIS is a consortium of Ontario universities, immigrant service agencies, other community groups, social planning councils, and representatives from all levels of government.

up to $5000 for synthesis studies
up to $12,000 for original research and secondary data analysis studies

Associate Dean (GPR): At least one week prior to the agency deadline (2-3 weeks if you wish to have feedback on your application – please submit to Karen Kueneman)
Research Western: At least 3 days prior to the agency deadline
CERIS: Friday, February 13 January 3016, 2009 at 4:00 pm. (decision in March 2009) [date revised due to strike at York University]

The 2008 Call for Research Proposals will focus on policy relevant research questions associated with the six CERIS Research Domains:
i.          Citizenship and Social, Cultural and Civic Integration
ii.          Economic and Labour Market Integration
iii.         Family, Children and Youth
iv.         Health and Well-being
v.         Justice, Policing, and Security
vi.        Welcoming Communities: Building Capacity in Regions, Cities, and Neighbourhoods

CERIS will fund three types of research projects:
1) synthesis of research findings from the literature;
2) studies based on new empirical data (qualitative and/or quantitative); and
3) secondary data analysis. 

Eligibility: Principal investigators must hold an appointment at an Ontario university and be eligible to hold a research account. Research proposals should involve research collaboration with community partners or support by community groups, where appropriate.

More information and applications…. 

NOTE: Applications must be processed through Research & Development Services (RD&S) and must be accompanied by a completed RDAF.


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