SSHRC Internal Conference Travel

SSHRC Internal Conference Travel Awards are to enable faculty, academic librarians and post-doctoral fellows to take part in research-related meetings/conferences of major scholarly significance in disciplines normally supported by SSHRC. The program will fund participation in both regular international congresses and more narrowly focused conferences and seminars which take place more than (500 kilometers) from London, Ontario; applicants must be presenting a paper at the conference. Applications to attend Learned Societies meetings (i.e. SSHRC Congress) or personal development events will not be accepted. Breadth of participation and decanal recommendation will be two major criteria for determining whether or not an award should be made.

Amount: $7,000 (maximum) The awards cover travel and subsistence costs only.

Associate Dean’s Office: February 2, 2009 (2-3 weeks prior if you wish feedback on your proposal – submit to Karen Kueneman)
Research Western: February 16, 2009, 4:00 p.m.

Eligibility: A Principal Investigator (PI) must hold an academic appointment with a significant research component at UWO and must be eligible to hold a research account

Timing of Conference: There are no longer any restrictions as to when the conference must occur. However, retroactive requests for conferences occurring prior to the application date for a particular competition will receive a lower priority.

Applications and Guidelines

Forms must be accompanied by an RDAF


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