Max Bell Foundation

March 25, 2009

The Max Bell Foundation reflects the spirit and intent of its founder to improve Canadian society. The Foundation encourages the development of innovative ideas that impact public policies and practices with an emphasis on health and wellness, education, and the environment. It is a western Canadian foundation with a national mandate. They prefer to develop project proposals in collaboration with applicants rather than reacting to proposals which are already fully developed.

Faculty of Education Associate Dean’s Office: 1 week before you intend to submit your application. (2-3 weeks earlier if you wish feedback on your application – submit to Karen Kueneman)
Research Development & Services: 3 days before you intend to submit your application
Max Bell: Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis  (The Board meets three times each year, usually in May, September, and December. Applications are accepted throughout the year, and the Foundation requires three to six months of lead time to work with proposals prior to each Board Meeting.)

Amount: No guidelines posted

Description: The Foundation prefers projects that 1)value responsibility and self-sufficiency at levels of the individual, family, community, and society; 2) identify, develop, and assess alternatives rather than perpetuating the status quo; 3) if alternatives are not the focus, add value to ‘mainstream’ activities without duplicating them; 4) are driven by demonstrable public needs rather than intellectual curiosity; 5) focus on practical issues and approaches
recognize and address the complexities of public policy making; 6) are outcome oriented (i.e., toward social and/or institutional change), not output oriented (i.e., toward delivery of a product or service);  7) give careful consideration to uptake of project outputs (e.g., outputs will be timely and useful for decision makers); 8) are likely to generate transferable results so that the project can impact more than its local domain; 9) effect change by building and leading collaborations; 10) promote evidence-informed decision making; 11) do not receive public sector funding

Education: Max Bell Foundation believes education is a cornerstone of a flourishing, productive society. Canada’s education institutions face many challenges as changing needs, attitudes, economies, and technologies shift the ground in which they are rooted. The Foundation seeks to support research projects that focus on innovative ways in which our education institutions meet those challenges. Of particular interest are those projects which address the thoughtful use of technology and alternative institutional arrangements.

Submissions: Before writing a full proposal, please send a letter of intent for comment.

Full Applications are to be processed through Research Development & Services  and are to be accompanied by a completed RDAF form (bearing applicant and Assoc Dean signatures).

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