ROLA II to be Launched

ROLA II Launch… Coming Soon!

Research Development & Services has announced the launch of the much awaited ROLA enhancements.

Fully Automated Approval Routing And Notifications
ROLA will automatically notify your Chair and Dean as well as Co-Applicants (if required by the funding Sponsor) to log-in and complete their step in the authorization process. Individuals involved in the process can log-in at any time and see the status of a particular ROLA Proposal is in the approval process immediately after submission by the PI. No more guessing

Easier Access To Funding Opportunities
Individual users will be able to receive funding opportunity notifications directly by email. You will be able to define the specific disciplines that are appropriate to your research area. The choice as to the relevance of each call is left to the researcher. RD&S will continue to make a special effort to draw the attention of researchers to calls that are unique and interdisciplinary
Pre-Population Of Data/ More Control For Accuracy And Data Integrity
With the launch of ROLA II the research community will be able to access their electronic ROLA Proposal via the link on the Funding Opportunities page. In doing so, the ROLA Proposal will be pre-populated with much of the information needed for institutional approvals.

Ability For Secondary User To Complete Form On PI’s Behalf
ROLA will allow students and/or support staff to log-in with their own USERID and Password. The user will choose a PI and complete all of the information required in a ROLA Proposal through to submission. The PI will be notified by email that an individual other than themselves has submitted on their behalf and be directed to log-in and electronically “sign” the ROLA Proposal, thereby initiating the electronic routing process for institutional signatures. This process ensures greater security and privacy for all individuals

Ability For Deans/Chairs To View Details For Co-Applicant ROLA Proposals Associated With Their Department
Deans and Chairs of individuals listed as Co-PI’s on a ROLA Proposal will be able to view ROLA Proposal details within the system. If required by the Sponsor, Deans and Chairs of Co-PI’s will also be incorporated into the approval process for collection of signatures

More Than Just A Form
The enhancements to ROLA will eliminate the RDAF/RFRA forms and allow researchers to take advantage of a fully electronic environment when requesting institutional signatures for Sponsored funding. Planned future enhancements to ROLA include an updated Internal Research Granting Process and an environment for researchers to see an overview of their research funding world from application through all funding years in one location, assisting with reporting needs for the researcher as well as research administration.

Information/Training Sessions are being offered by RD&S beginning Wednesday June 17with a Go-Live Date planned for mid August. Multiple sessions are offered to suit your schedule.

  •  Individuals may register on-line by visiting the RD&S website at:
  • Training manuals will be made available on the RD&S website prior to launch for users who are looking for guidance through the process outside of work hours.
  • One-on-one assistance will be available both by phone at the ROLA Helpdesk or in person, contact the ROLA Helpdesk at 519-661-2111 x83136 or email to arrange a time.
  • Administration Support specific training will be offered in the Fall to assist staff with utilizing the much needed data that the ROLA enhancements will be able to provide.
  • A presentation will be arranged in our building if there is enough interest. Please contact Karen Kueneman, if you are interested in attending.
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