SSHRC Standard Grants – Signature Requirements

SSHRC Standard Research Grants (SRG) competition has moved to a fully electronic online submission process for October 2009. The process for submitting and obtaining signatures has changed significantly for UWO researchers.

A.  If Western is the LEAD Institution (The Principal Applicant is from UWO)

INTERNAL Deadline Advantages: October 8

  • Applications submitted by this date will receive an administrative review to ensure they comply with SSHRC’s application guidelines (formatting, page limitations and inclusion of required information).
  • Submission by this date is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

 1)   Upload and Submit Application on SSHRC website 

(Note: If you would like your application returned to you email with the subject line:  “Return SSHRC Application”

 2)    Submit ROLA form:

If before September 17th; submit Research Data and Approval Form and contact your Chair and Associate Dean Research to approve on ROLA .

NEW: AFTER September 17th, ROLA II replaces previous system; requires submission of a Proposal. Chair and Associate Dean Research will be notified by ROLA for signature).

Required Sign-offs :

  • Principal Applicant  –  Electronic application submission replaces the Applicant’s handwritten signature
  • Co-Applicant – Electronic acceptance of PI’s Invitation to participate in application meets signature requirements
  • Co-Applicant’s Institution – Required by Western and Lawson before sign-off is granted. Signatures not required by SSHRC
  • Institutional Signature – Electronically approved on SSHRC site by Research Development & Services (RD&S contact:

 SUBMISSION Deadline Requirements: October 15, 2:00 pm

  • Applications must be submitted by  2:00 pm. Late submissions may NOT receive electronic approval from Western by the SSHRC deadline


B. If Western is the CO-APPLICANT Institution:

1)        Send copy of application to Faculty Research Officer AND

2)        Submit ROLA form as noted in 2) above.

After submission date, SSHRC will require institution approval of all Applicants and CoApplicants listed on SSHRC Standard grants. This process provides authorization for approval.


 SSHRC FAQ Information


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