ROLA II Goes Live – September 17

ROLA II… September 17th!

Research Development & Services is thrilled to announce the launch of the much awaited ROLA enhancements.

As announced in the Western News, ROLA will be going live on Thursday September 17th. The enhancements to ROLA will eliminate the RDAF/RFRA forms and allow researchers to take advantage of a fully electronic environment when requesting Institutional signatures for Sponsored funding. After September 17th you may click on the ROLA link on the top of any page within the Research Western Website, to be directed to the new ROLA tool.

RD&S has hosted more than 20 Information/Training sessions to date, with eight additional sessions still available.  These sessions have been well attended and have included some wonderful discussions and ideas regarding benefits to be realized with the launch of this new system.

In addition to the Information/Training sessions, RD&S will be offering “Live Labs” after the September 17th launch, at this time there are 11 lab times available. Labs are intended to provide a “hands-on” environment where individuals can bring an actual sponsor application and complete a “ROLA Proposal” with knowledgeable ROLA systems staff in the room.

Each Lab will begin with a brief introduction and visual overview of the system and then allow you the time needed to complete the process.

Individual PIs, Research Support Staff and Administrative Support staff are all welcome to attend.

**NOTE: ROLA will be working directly in production and ask that you not use the lab to complete test Proposals. Contact if you wish to make arrangements in this regard.

  • Individuals may register on-line for ROLA sessions by visiting the RD&S website at:
  • One-on-One assistance will be available both by phone at the ROLA Helpdesk or in person, contact the ROLA Helpdesk at 519-661-2111 x83136 or email to arrange a time. 
  • Training manuals will be available on the RD&S website for go-live for users who require guidance through the process outside of work hours.
  • Individual Departmental or Faculty presentations can be booked if desired by contacting the ROLA Helpdesk email:
  • Administration Support specific training will be offered in the Fall to assist staff with utilizing the additional administrative enhancements ROLA will be able to provide.

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