Jacobs Foundation

The Jacobs Foundation wants to unlock young people’s potential and help them to become productive and socially responsible members of society. The foundation seeks cutting-edge research into the factors which influence an adolescent’s personal and professional development.

The Jacobs Foundation rarely considers unsolicited applications and spontaneous project proposals. Most of their projects are developed in close cooperation with partners that they have actively identified. However, if you believe that your research or activities match the Foundation’s approach and priorities very closely, you may send a preliminary project proposal.

In the field of Productive Youth Development, the Jacobs Foundation has current priorities:

  1. Capitalizing on migration and the integration of youngsters with migrant backgrounds.
  2. Improving learning contexts, including institutional dimensions of learning, all-day learning, out of school learning and integrative approaches to learning.
  3. Economic dimensions of Productive Youth Development: macro and microeconomic effects

Within this context, the following aspects are of particular interest:

  • developmental perspectives
  • transitions in life
  • preventative inter-mediate measures
  • learning methods, such as formal and non-formal learning
  • cultural contexts and values
  • skills and social responsibility
  • peace, inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue

More information and preliminary application…


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