CIDA Conference Fund

Application deadline: Complete applications must be received no later than16 weeks before the conference begins

The Conference Fund supports participation by eligible delegates at conferences that address topics of particular interest to the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Conferences must directly support one or more of CIDA’s program priorities (governance, health, basic education, private-sector development, and environmental sustainability, with gender equality as a cross-cutting theme), and seek to influence sustainable development in developing countries and/or countries in transition. In response to Agency requirements, the Conference Fund may favour conferences that address areas where CIDA is strengthening its programming. Conferences may be held in Canada or abroad.
Amount: The Conference Fund will support up to 33% of total conference costs, to a maximum of $200,000, towards the participation of eligible delegates.

Applicant Eligibility: Only organizations may apply for funding. Applicant organizations must be:

  • legally constituted Canadian, foreign, or international organizations (including government departments) in the public, voluntary, or private sectors;
  • financially viable; and
  • an organizer or one of the organizing partners of the proposed conference

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