Academic Development Fund – Small Grant Competition

The University of Western Ontario Academic Development Fund (ADF) New Research and Scholarly Initiatives Award, Small Grants Competition applications and instructions are now not yet available but if you are planning to apply you should begin preparations soon.

Faculty of Education Assoc Dean’s Office: March 1, 2010 (if you wish feedback on your application please submit 2-3 weeks early to Karen Kueneman)
University Secretariat: March 15, 2010

Value: $8,500 maximum (for up to 2 years)

Description: The ADF’s Small Grants Competition supports the cost of research projects of modest scope. Applications may be made for new research initiatives. Preference will be given to applications that offer a clear rationale for the proposed research, exhibit innovation, and contain a budget explaining fully how the money requested will be spent. In addition, preference will be given to those faculty members striving to get programs of research established and to those who, during the past three years, have not received funds through the SSHRC Internal Research competitions or the Academic Development Fund (ADF).

Eligibility: Researchers in all disciplines are eligible. At the time of application, the principal applicant must be a regular, full-time faculty member at Western OR be a Professor Emeritus at Western with a casual appointment at the rank of Adjunct Research Professor – Independent Research Required.

Full Applications are to be accompanied by a completed ROLA proposal.

LastThis year’s guidelines and application forms are available at:

Updated versions should be available soon.

NOTE: Applications must be submitted electronically in pdf format to the Secretariat’s Office. Please submit your electronic application by March 1/10 to Karen Kueneman,, along with a hard copy of the signature page bearing your signature.  All applications will be forwarded by the Associate Dean’s Office to the Secretariat by the submission deadline of March 15/10.


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