Fulbright Program

The Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program offers a unique opportunity to explore important contemporary issues relevant to Canada and the United States and the relationship between the two countries.

Faculty of Education Associate Dean’s Office: 1 week prior to agency deadline (2-3 weeks if you wish feedback on your application – submit to Karen Kueneman)

Fulbright: November 15, 2010

Traditional Fulbright Scholar Awards – $25,000 (U.S. for full academic year; $12,500 for one semester)


Traditional Fulbright Scholar Awards Grants are available to established scholars, post-doctoral researchers and experienced professionals to conduct research and/or teach at a host institution in the United States.
Applications in the following areas are given preference: Comparative public policy, North American integration, communications and culture, Indigenous issues, Border issues, Canada-U.S. relations, International trade, Security, Ecology and the environment, Law, Public Health, Canadian and American studies.All award recipients must be affiliated with an institution in the United States and are responsible for securing such affiliation.

All Applications must be accompanied by a completed ROLA .

More information & applications…


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