SSHRC Standard Research Grants

SSHRC’s Standard Research Grant application forms are not yet now available. but you should be well into the planning stages if you plan to apply for this fall.

Amount: up to $100,000 per year but not exceeding $250,000 over 3 years


SSHRC Notice of Intent: August 16, 2010 (Not mandatory but recommended)

Faculty of Education – Rough Draft: September 10, 2010

Faculty of Education – Full Proposal: October 1, 2010

Research Development & Services: October 8, 2010

SSHRC: October 15, 2010 (electronic submissions will be forwarded by Research Western to SSHRC)

Description: SSHRC supports new and ongoing programs of research through three-year grants, based on peer review judgement of the probable significance of the contribution to knowledge in the social sciences and humanities.

Eligibility: The applicant must hold an academic appointment with a significant research component at UWO and must be eligible to hold a research account at UWO. Please also see information on Selecting the Appropriate Federal Funding Agency.

4A Assistance: If your application is not funded by SSHRC but receives a “4A” designation you may be eligible for re-application assistance. Please ensure that you obtain peer review and complete the form. For assistance in obtaining peer review please contact Karen Kueneman at

Please note that Standard Research Grant applications must be submitted electronically; paper copies are no longer accepted. Applications must be submitted by an authorized research grants officer at Research Western. Please see the application instructions or Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Electronic applications will be processed and sent to SSHRC by Research Development & Services (the  institutional signature), and are to be accompanied by a completed ROLA.

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