SSHRC – Submission of Multiple Grant Applications

Submission of Multiple Grant Applications to Standard Research Grants, Research Development Initiative, Insight Research Development Grants and Insight Research Grants

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) is currently in a transition period towards the full implementation of the program architecture renewal. To clarify some of the regulations regarding submission of multiple grant applications the following was released by SSHRC.

1.      Researchers will be eligible to apply to both Standard Research Grants (SRG) and the Insight Research Development Grants (Insight RDG) provided that their research projects have different objectives.

2.      As results from the upcoming SRG competition will not be available before the application deadline of the first Insight RDG (February 1, 2011), the status of new scholars who applied to both funding opportunities and have been successful in the SRG competition will be changed from new to regular scholar in the Insight RDG competition (they no longer qualify for the new scholar status).

3.      Holders of Research Development Initiative (RDI) grants are only eligible to apply to Insight RDG in the last year of their grant.

4.      Once both Insight RDG and Insight Research Grants (Insight RG) funding opportunities are fully implemented in 2011, applicants may only submit, in the same calendar year, one application to either Insight RDG or Insight RG funding opportunity.

Please consult SSHRC’s website at for more information on Multiple Applications—Grants, Fellowships and Scholarships


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