SSHRC Re-Application Assistance (4A) Program

All Western appointed applicants wishing to apply for the SSHRC 4A Re-Application Assistance Program in the Spring of 2011 are required to show confirmation of an internal peer review on their proposal prior to the submission of their SSHRC Standard Research Grant.   The Internal Peer Review is a powerful tool to gain a competitive edge prior to any grant competition.  Although the internal review is not mandatory for application to the Standard Research Grants fall competition, it is part of the eligibility requirements when applying for additional re-application assistance this spring and beyond.  The office of the Associate Dean of Research in each faculty is entrusted to determine the administration of their own peer review program.

The Internal Peer Review confirmation form and guidelines are available on the Research Western website at : Please note that all peer review forms are to be signed and submitted to Research Development & Services by Friday, October 8, 2010 either by email or hardcopy format.

If you have any questions about this program or the internal process, please feel free to reach Florence Lourdes at or call ext. 84500. Or contact Karen Kueneman, or x88561.


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