ITS Offers Three New Web Applications

Surveys, Elections, Conferences – Three Free Web Applications!

ITS has developed three web applications that you can use free of charge. They are:

  • The UWO Web Surveys Tool – to create surveys
  • The UWO Web Elections Tool – to hold elections
  • The UWO Conference Registration Tool – to create registration forms for conferences, including the possibility of on-line payment

All these tools include:

  • Secure storage of your data in an SQL Server database
  • An easy to use user interface where you design the specifics of your survey/election/registration
  • Extensive help documents that tell you exactly how the applications work
  • Web forms generated by the applications where the users can fill out the survey, ballot or registration form
  • The ability for the administrator to view and/or export the results and data

To use any of these applications all you need to do is go to the web site in question and log in with your Western userid and password (the same one you use for your Western email).

The UWO Survey Tool
The web survey tool is located at:
The site should be fairly self explanatory, but there is a help file which you access via the Help button.

Examples of Survey questions are given at: Surveys can be filled out both by Western and non-Western people. You can make the survey open, meaning anybody can complete it, or restrict it a list of people you provide.

The UWO Web Elections Tool
You may already be familiar with the UWO Web Election Tool; it is used every year to elect the members of the
Senate, the Board of Governors, and other elections. You can also use it to hold your own elections. Just go to: Login with your Western userid and password. The help file can be found under the Help button on the left side of the screen. It is a good idea to read this first. An example of a simple election is given at: Both Western and non-Western people can be voters.
How do I get the results?
The application has a Count button. You click it and it counts and lists the candidates in descending order of votes received and lists the number of votes each candidate got. This is an easy process.
Are the elections anonymous?
Yes, the elections are anonymous and there is no way to link a vote with a voter. The system knows if a voter has
voted (so they cannot vote more than once). It knows how many votes were cast and for whom (which is handy when generating the results). It does not know who cast which vote.

The UWO Conference Registration Tool

We have also developed a simple conference registration too. You can find it at: Login with your Western userid and password. Once you have logged in, you can access the documentation via the Help button. Conferences can be either free or paid for. In the latter case, payment can be by credit card (you have to set that up with the Western e-commerce team) or with some other method that you specify (e.g. “send a cheque to …”). A conference can have one or more registration costs associated
with it, the registrants will have to choose one of them. A conference can also have “extra options” from which the participant can choose. These options can have a cost and the cost is added to the total. An example of a registration page is given at: Both Western and non-Western people can register.
How do I see who registered?
New registrations show up on a special web page. You can also make a report of registrations in csv format (readable
by Excel). For further assistance, please email


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