Recent Publications of our Researchers

1.     Suzanne Majhanovich, Shelley Taylor and Vickie W K Li (graduate student) are contributors to the most recent edition of Unica and if you read p. 8 of Tom Finken’s Editorial, you’ll see that he specifically mentions Western & our contributions to this issue of GiST!

2.     Greg Dickinson’s chapter Canadian Education Law Developments 2005-2010 is now in print in the 2010 Yearbook of Education Law.

3.     Jerry Paquette’s book co-authored with our PhD graduate, Gerald Fallon, First Nations Education Policy in Canada: Progress or Gridlock was released by the University of Toronto Press, increasing the awareness of our presence on the national stage with regard to aboriginal education.

4.     Carol Beynon has an article just hot off the press, entitled “Making the voices heard: A social constructivist study of youth and men who choose to sing in the “Journal in Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts with former graduate student and colleague, Andre-Louis Heywood.

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