The ACCELERATE Program is an internship program for grad students, and post-docs.

If you, as a researcher, have a connection with an outside industry, government or not-for-profit organization or would like to make a connection with one, this is a great opportunity both for the faculty advisor and for the student to collaborate on a research project with the outside organization.

  • Applications are accepted all year.
  • The MITACs team will help with the application and making industry contacts if needed.

AMOUNT: $15,000 for one four-month term (Graduate student/ Post Doc support)

During a MITACS-Accelerate internship, the intern spends approximately half of his/her time over a minimum four-month period on site with the partner, gaining a better understanding of the research issue in question and collecting data. The balance of the intern’s time is spent at the university, further advancing the research under the guidance of a faculty supervisor.

For each four-month internship unit, the company contributes $7,500 which is matched by MITACS through the support of federal and provincial funding partners. Longer projects are possible as multiples of 4-month internships and simply require more funding from the partner company.

Per four month unit, the intern receives a minimum stipend of $10,000 with the remaining $5,000 supporting other costs associated with the research.

Internship Examples

Internship Opportunities


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