SSHRC – Aid to Research Workshops and Conferences

The  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s (SSHRC) Aid to Workshops and Conferences program’s broad purpose  is to support workshops held in and outside of Canada, and conferences held in Canada.

The funding opportunity’s specific objectives are to:

  • advance research and scholarship on issues of intellectual, cultural and social importance by facilitating direct interaction among researchers and students, both from Canada and abroad;
  • promote research development, linkages and knowledge mobilization among disciplines and across institutions, sectors, linguistic groups and regions; and
  • enhance the visibility and profile of social sciences and humanities research.

Faculty of Education Assoc Dean’s Office: 1 week prior to agency deadline (2-3 weeks if you wish feedback on your application – submit to Karen Kueneman)
UWO Internal: no less than 3 days prior to agency deadline.
SSHRC: May 2, 2011 (for a decision in June 2011)


The value and period of tenure of a workshop grant is up to $25,000 for a workshop held within 12 months following the announcement of competition results.

The values and periods of tenure of conference grants are:

  • up to $25,000 for a conference of up to 200 participants that is held within 12 months following the announcement of competition results;
  • up to $35,000 for a conference of 201 to 400 participants that is held within 12 months following the announcement of competition results; and
  • up to $50,000 for a conference of more than 400 participants that is held within the 12 months following the announcement of competition results.


Workshops must have a well-defined research theme in the social sciences or humanities; be invitational, with no registration fees required; and produce a concrete deliverable.

Conferences must have one or more defined themes relevant to scholarly research issues in the social sciences or humanities; be held in Canada; and be open to all interested and qualified researchers, i.e., involve a call for papers (though it is recognized that keynote speakers may be invited). Conferences must charge registration fees and must not be an association’s annual meeting.

Eligibility: Applicants must be eligible to hold a research grant at Western.

Online Applications are to be processed through Research Development Services for institutional signatures, and are to be accompanied by a completed ROLA application.

Applications and information…

Updates and reminders on features of the application process

1.         Eligibility clarification for SSHRC grant holders: While applicants to this funding opportunity may be SSHRC grant holders, under current guidelines they may not use funds from another SSHRC grant to leverage as “Sources of Other Funds” as this will be seen as duplicate funding. In the case of Strategic Knowledge Clusters, applicants should ensure that complementary support does not come from the SSHRC portion of the cluster, and that the original cluster grant application did not allocate funds for the same event.

2.         Projects with health-related outcomes are ineligible: Interdisciplinary projects with health-related outcomes that are fundable by CIHR will be declared ineligible.

3.         Resubmissions are ineligible: Applicants must submit a completely fresh plan with new and distinctive objectives and cannot simply alter dates and speakers.

4.         Non-Canadian student presenters: Travel and Subsistence for non-Canadian student presenters are not eligible costs: in the SSHRC budget ‘Foreign Travel and subsistence’ for students refers to Canadian students travelling from outside of Canada to present.

5.         Hospitality expenses: In the case of workshops only, as of the November 2009 round, hospitality costs such as non-alcoholic beverages or working meals are eligible costs, whereas receptions and banquets are not eligible for SSHRC funding. This policy harmonizes with those detailed in the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide.

6.         Facilities / Administration: The host university is encouraged to provide in-kind support to applicants such as meeting rooms and basic infrastructure per the Tri-Council MOU.  Administration costs imposed by the university for either meeting spaces or processing registration are not strictly ineligible, but if sought need a very clear and compelling justification. If there are exceptional circumstances where the applicant is requesting SSHRC funding for such costs, an explanation should be included in the budget justification. Universities should be aware that from the adjudication committee’s perspective, institutional support for a project lends strength to any proposal.

7.         Promotion: For workshops, promotion-related costs should be connected to the deliverable(s), given that the event is closed and invitational.

8.         Balancing the Budget: Other funds, both confirmed and unconfirmed, must combine with those requested of SSHRC to balance with the overall cost of the event.

9.         Honoraria: Honoraria are eligible costs for guest lecturers only and the adjudication committee strongly recommends that a brief explanation of who, how much, and why, be given in the budget justification.

10.       Budget Justifications: Budget justifications need particular attention, as the adjudication committee requires brief explanations for the rationale behind expenditures.  Contact the Program Officer for clarification on any of the regulations for the funding opportunity.

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