SSHRC – Aid to Scholarly Journals Deadline Extended to June 30/11

The Aid to Scholarly Journals (ASJ) funding opportunity is now available through SSHRC’s website.

Deadline: Faculty of Education Associate Dean’s Office: At least 1 week before the Agency Deadline (2-3 weeks earlier if you wish feedback on your application – submit to Karen Kueneman)
Research Development & Services: At least 3 days before the Agency Deadline
SSHRC: extended to June 30, 2011.(Results announced October 2011; funds released in February 2012)

Amount: up to $30,000 per year for 3 years

Description: Through the Aid to Scholarly Journals funding opportunity, SSHRC will contribute to the broad dissemination and impact of original research results in social science and humanities scholarship through Canadian scholarly journals. The funding opportunity will also assist journals as they seek to take advantage of advances in communication technologies. Funds will be awarded to help defray the costs of publishing scholarly articles, to assist with distribution costs, and to support journal organizations in their transitions to digital media.

Eligibility of Journal: For this competition, a scholarly journal is defined as a peer-reviewed academic publication that disseminates the results of original scholarship. Subscription-based journals, journals using an open-access business model, and journals using a “moving wall” arrangement to provide delayed open access are eligible for support.

NOTES: The application is now entirely electronic, so please read all instructions carefully to become familiar with the new process.

While the ASJ application form itself will see only minor changes since the previous competition, important policy changes have been implemented since the 2008 round.

The funding opportunity details  changes on SSHRC’s website. If you haven’t already done so, SSHRC urges urge you to learn about important eligibility policy changes since the previous competition. Highlights of the changes are:

Institutional Eligibility:  In line with all other SSHRC funding opportunities and in accordance with federal laws and policies regarding grants, all applicants (including current award-holders) to the 2011 Aid to Scholarly Journals funding opportunity will now be required to administer their ASJ grant funds through an eligible post-secondary institution or other eligible organization (e.g., journal, association or press). The University of Western Ontario is an eligible institution.

Another new policy feature is the updated Guidelines for the Eligibility of Journal Subject Matter.

SSHRC staff can offer prospective applicants advice regarding the eligibility of a journal’s subject matter prior to the deadline. (Please see the funding opportunity description for details.)

Please review the funding opportunity description carefully for other changes (e.g., the policy-related alterations regarding release time stipends and the one-year transition grant as well as the modification to the definition of an article).

The contact person for questions relating specifically to the funding opportunity:

Bryde Kelly, Program Officer
350 Albert Street, P.O. Box 1610
Ottawa, ON  K1P 6G4
Tel.: 613-947-2060
Fax: 613-992-7635


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