SSHRC – Revisions to Guidelines for Subject Matter Eligibility

Minor revisions to the guidelines on Subject Matter Eligibility have been posted on the SSHRC web site to provide further clarification to applicants regarding the eligibility of health-related research. Specifically, the revisions provide additional examples of eligible and ineligible topics based on the experience of the past competition year.

The revised guidelines can be found here.

SSHRC staff continue to work with colleagues at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to provide the best possible advice to applicants on where and how to apply, and to recommend suitable peer reviewers to adjudicate social science and humanities proposals submitted to CIHR. SSHRC and CIHR are also committed to improving coordination between the agencies with regard to fellowship and scholarship applications.

The number of proposals deemed ineligible at SSHRC in the past competition year has fallen significantly; a reflection of the research community’s efforts to adapt to the new guidelines which came into effect in 2009.

SSHRC welcomes feedback on ways in which it can further assist social sciences and humanities researchers and students in dealing with this important transition, and availing themselves of the full range of federal funding opportunities.


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