SSHRC News – Budgets and Final Reports

This is a reminder that within SSHRC’s new program architecture, revised assessment criteria (Challenge, Feasibility and Capability) were introduced and applied to all new grants funding opportunities. To be successful, a proposal must receive a passing score in all three criteria.

Budgets: The appropriateness of the proposed budget and the justification of the proposed costs are a sub-criterion under the Feasibility criterion and adjudication committees are asked to focus on assessing the overall merit of the proposal, whether or not it is a costly or modest proposal.  Proposals with reasonable and well justified budgets will permit the peer review committee to focus on assessing the overall merit of the proposal, and if the proposal is successful, the budget will NOT be significantly be adjusted by adjudication committees.  However, proposals with budgets judged by the committee to be inappropriate with respect to the activities described (whether too large or too small) should result in a low or failing feasibility score.

 Final reports: In keeping with the new Federal Government Transfer Payment Policy and SSHRC’s commitment to reporting on results and outcomes, the following reference has been made consistently in literature pertaining to the grant competitions in the new program architecture (Partnership Development Grants, Partnership Grants [LOI and formal application]), Insight Development Grants and Insight Grants). Applicants who have received a SSHRC grant of any type but have failed to submit a final research report by the deadline specified in their Notice of Award are not eligible to apply for another SSHRC grant until they have submitted the report. SSHRC will communicate with past award holders who have one or more final reports outstanding in the last five years to remind them to submit the report promptly to avoid being declared ineligible should they apply in a 2011 grant competition. These reports are used to communicate, and promote the value for, and contributions of social sciences and humanities research results among researchers, to Canadian society and the world. SSHRC administers public funds, which includes tracking and reporting on the outcomes of its investments. Eligible institutions and researchers share this responsibility.


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