Professional Education & Practice, and Health Professional Education – Inventory of Scholarship

Dear colleagues,

We are writing on behalf of the Interdisciplinary Network for Scholarship in Professions’ Research in Education, to request your assistance.  INSPiRE is an interdisciplinary initiative sponsored by the University of Western Ontario through the Provost’s office, and represents a collaboration between the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Health  Sciences, and the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. 

The aim of INSPiRE is to foster an intellectual community and interdisciplinary network for the scholarship of  professional education and practice by:

• Creating opportunities to interact across disciplines;

• Identifying scholars and graduate students in the field;

• Building capacity for researchers and graduate students to advance knowledge and contribute to scholarship;

• Fostering local, national and international collaborations and knowledge exchange.

In the interest of furthering these aims, we are currently developing an inventory of researchers at Western Ontario who are involved in scholarship and research related to: Professional Education, Professional  Practice, Professional Knowledge and Health Professional Education.  The results of this inventory will be  reported to the Provost’s office, and to Deans of the 3 collaborating faculties as a means of mapping interdisciplinary  scholarship and the growing synergy of research in this area. In addition, the inventory will be posted on the INSPiRE website at as a means to stimulate ongoing collaboration across faculties.

If you are working in any of the above areas, we kindly request that you forward either a list of your accomplishments ie. publications, grants, graduate student supervisions or your CV (highlighting your  work and activities related to these areas) to Michelle Pajot ( by Friday, October 14th,  2011. Michelle will compile this information into a Master’ inventory that can be used to identify scholars working in  these areas at Western.

If there are other scholars who you think this may apply to beyond the Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Education,  and the  Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western we would appreciate your assistance in circulating this  request.

Interested individuals are welcome to become members of INSPiRE by contacting Michelle Pajot the project   co-ordinator for 2011-2012.

With appreciation for your assistance.

Best regards,
Anne Kinsella (Health Sciences), Allan Pitman (Education), Mark Goldszmidt (Medicine and Dentistry)
INSPiRE Steering Committee Members


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