NVivo Workshops

Please see attached poster.

World NVivo expert Bengt Edhlund will be returning to The University of Western Ontario from November 15 – 17 offering workshops based on data analysis with NVivo 9. His workshops provide researchers of every experience level and opportunity to learn how NVivo 9 can streamline their data analysis.

Bengt will offer two workshops (November 15th & 16th) focusing exclusively on NVivo 9, but he is also offering a new workshop for experienced NVivo users, “NVivo 9 & EndNote for Literature Reviews” (November 17th). The latter, brand new workshop is the only one of its kind to be offered in Canada, and covers how the new integration of NVivo 9 & EndNote allows researchers to interface their citation collection with data analysis techniques in ways never before possible.

The program is:

Tuesday, November 15th (9AM-4PM) : NVivo 9 Basic Workshop
Wednesday, November 16th (9AM-4PM) : NVivo 9 Advanced Workshop
Thursday, November 17th (9AM-4PM): NVivo 9 & EndNote for Literature Reviews

Bengt’s past customers will receive a Return Customer Discount of 15% on the price of a one-day course. Bengt is also offering graduate student bursaries for the first five graduate students enrolled.

I’ve attached the flyer for this event containing more relevant details.

Please email Bengt with any questions or comments at sales@formkunskap.com


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