Financial Services – Important Changes for Researchers

The Government of Ontario has recently established new Procurement and Expenses Directives for open, fair and transparent financial practices at all Broader Public Sector (BPS) organizations, including The University of Western Ontario.  While many of Western’s policies and procedures already meet the requirements, there are a few essential changes that affect everyone. Some changes are big, some are small, but the message from the Government of Ontario is clear: compliance is mandatory.

New rules for procuring consulting services
Competitive bid process required  regardless of the dollar amount of the contract for all consulting services

New expense rules
Any expenses incurred by suppliers will no long be reimbursed unless allowed under a current contract

Elimination of Travel Per Diems and paper expense claim forms
Elimination of Travel Per Diems and paper expense claim forms for Western employees. New guidelines established for meal reimbursement.  All expenses for faculty and staff must be submitted through the Online Travel & Expenses System and will be primarily reimbursed through direct deposit

New Alcohol Policy
New policy for reimbursing faculty and staff for the purchase of alcoholic beverages

These changes likely affect you. See this document and this web page for more details and advice.


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