Western Research on Teaching Grant

Research Western, in cooperation with the Teaching Support Centre, has established the Western Research on Teaching Grant program to facilitate research on teaching and learning at Western.  The purpose of the Research on Teaching Grant program is to support the work of all faculty, librarians and archivists to conduct research on teaching developments, innovations and practices that faculty members, librarians and archivists are engaged in.  The aim of this program is not to fund the introduction of new teaching strategies, technologies or programs; rather it is to support research on such developments in order to examine their effectiveness and to contribute to the literature in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Amount: up to $3000

Faculty of Education Research Office– March 15, 2012 (if you wish feedback on your application please submit 2-3 weeks early to Karen Kueneman)
Research Development & Services- April 2, 2012

Eligibility: A Principal Investigator (PI) must hold an academic appointment with a significant research component at The University of Western Ontario at the time of the application. In order to be named as PI on an internal grant, the applicant must be eligible to hold a research account at Western.

Selection Criteria
1) the project is clearly research on teaching and learning at Western;
2) the project uses an appropriate qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method to assess the teaching and learning issue proposed;
3) the project must make a novel contribution to the teaching and learning literature;
4) the project meets the ethical requirements for research involving human subjects;
5) the proposal is clear and complete; and
6) the final research project should be of publishable quality.

Guidelines and Applications

Applications must be accompanied by a ROLA Proposal.


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