CIHR – Consultation on Reforms for the Open and Peer Review

Message from Dr. Alain Beaudet, CIHR President: Update on CIHR’s Consultations for the Open and Peer Review Reforms

It has been almost a month since CIHR posted its discussion paper on the Open Suite of Programs and Peer Review Enhancements on the CIHR website and invited the research community to provide us with their feedback.

Since then, Dr. Jane Aubin, CIHR Chief Scientific Officer and Vice-President Research and I, have engaged in discussions on the proposed changes with researchers, reviewers, administrators and partners from across the country. We are looking forward to continuing the discussions with the community over the coming weeks.

We are pleased with the quality and the quantity of the feedback that we have received. The research community and our stakeholders have provided us with many thoughtful, frank and candid comments, as well as constructive suggestions via email, through the online discussion forum, online feedback form and during our town hall and partner discussions.

I would like to thank you for taking time to read the discussion paper, reflect on its content and provide such thoughtful feedback. Questions and comments received thus far have made us realize that our discussion paper gave rise to a number of common concerns, some resulting from lack of clarity or misunderstanding. We have posted additional information and clarifications to our website –

As previously communicated, CIHR will be closing the on-line discussion forum on March 28, 2012. However, in response to requests from the community, CIHR has decided to extend the feedback period. Your input will continue to be accepted through the online feedback form, email ( and our continued discussions with a number of institutions and partners until April 30, 2012. I encourage those of you who have not yet provided comments to do so. Your input is invaluable and will continue to be considered, analyzed and used to inform design and implementation decisions going forward.

In June, we will provide the community with a summary of the feedback received through the engagement process, including how we are planning to use the feedback to inform the design. No firm design decisions will be announced until the fall of this year.

Your participation to this very important initiative is very much appreciated.


Alain Beaudet, MD, PhD
President, Canadian Institutes of Health Research


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