CIHR Webinar: “Art of Writing a CIHR Application”

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) will offer six webinar sessions on “The Art of Writing a CIHR Application” in April 2012. Last year, this webinar was offered exclusively to members of the Canadian Association of University Research Administrators (CAURA) with immense success. Now, CIHR is offering this webinar to the entire research community (including researchers and research institution staff who support researchers).

In this webinar, participants will learn some tips and get insights for writing a successful application for current competitions and programs offered at CIHR, from the planning stages through writing and submitting a CIHR application. (Please note that the technical aspects of how to apply using ResearchNet will NOT be covered in this webinar.)

Each 90 minute webinar will include approximately 45 minutes of presentation, plus 45 minutes of questions and answers from participants. Participants will also be provided with an electronic document containing application writing tips and insights not covered in the presentation.

To view the list of webinar sessions or to register for a session, go to the new Facilitated Online Session (Webinar) web page on the CIHR website –


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