CIHR – Common CV News

The renewed Canadian Common CV (CCV) will be implemented on June 19, 2012 for all CCV subscriber agencies, including CIHR. All CIHR applicants who submit their applications on or after June 19, 2012 will be required to use the renewed Canadian Common CV (CCV).

The look and feel of the CCV, as well as the information requirements for CIHR applicants will be changing. CIHR applicants will choose from three CV templates, depending on their roles and the application stage:

* Registration CV template
* Academic CV template (replaces Full Application CV)
* Knowledge User CV template

Additional CCV templates for CIHR applicants will be created to reflect requirements for the redesign of CIHR’s open suite of programs and peer review system and will be available as the reforms are implemented.

The majority of data (approximately 90%) for existing CCV users will be migrated to the new CCV, however, applicants are advised that additional time will be required to enter contributions as data and to complete expertise fields.

Please note that the CCV will not be available between Saturday, June 16 at 7:00 am ET and Tuesday, June 19 at 6:00 pm ET in order to complete the data migration to the new CCV. 

More information, including CIHR-specific instructions and/or guidelines, will be provided through the “CIHR Funding News” electronic communique and on the CIHR website in June. General information about the renewed CCV for all subscribers can be found on the CCV website,


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