NSERC – Discovery Grant – Notification of Intent Mandatory

All researchers who intend to apply for a Discovery Grant in the fall competition must submit a Notification of Intent to Apply for a Discovery Grant (Form 180) by the deadline date of August 1st.  NSERC will only accept a Form 180 through its On-Line Services.

Important Changes for Discovery Grants

  • Form 180 mandatory

The Notification of Intent to Apply for a Discovery Grant (Form 180) is now mandatory when applying for a Discovery Grant and it must be submitted by August 1.  Applicants who do not submit a Form 180 will not be eligible to Submit an Application for a Grant (Form 101) in the fall.

  • Application for a Grant (Form 101) and Instructions

The Budget Justification is limited to two pages (except for grant applications in Subatomic Physics) and there is now a dedicated section for describing the plan for training of highly qualified personnel (HQP).  Up-to-date instructions and application forms (Forms 100 and 101) will be available on NSERC’s Web site in early August.

  • New Communication Tool for Discovery Grants

NSERC is using new ways to communicate program information and details about the peer review process to prospective applicants.  Two videos have been developed and are in the Professors section of NSERC’s Web site.

  • Peer Review System

Further to the recommendations from the International Review of Discovery Grants and the Grant Selection Committee Structure Review, NSERC has introduced major changes to its peer review system for Discovery Grants (more).

For more information, see NSERC Web site or contact Katy Evans Pocock,  katy.pocock@uwo.ca, (519) 661-2111 X 80242


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