SSHRC – Priority Areas, Insight Grants & Insight Development Grants

The Insight Grants funding opportunity description (currently posted on the website) contains updated information concerning SSHRC’s priority areas in relation to the adjudication process.

As per the 2011 Insight Grants description, applicants were asked to indicate in their application form whether their research fell within one of the priority areas. The description stated that “This information is gathered for reporting purposes and may also assist SSHRC in identifying applications for either additional support, a more tailored adjudication, or both”.

In order to further clarify SSHRC’s process with respect to priority areas and adjudication, we have revised the 2012 Insight Grants description to explicitly clarify that adjudication committees may be created in priority areas, in accordance with the number of applications received.   Please consult the Request for Proposals for further details:

The process followed in 2011 for both Insight Grants and Insight Developments will be followed again in the upcoming round of competitions. That is, if an adjudication committee is created in a priority area selected by an applicant, the application will be directed to that committee if it is deemed to be sufficiently aligned. This message is also communicated in the revised application instructions. If it is determined that a proposal is not aligned with the parameters of the priority area, the proposal will nevertheless remain eligible within the funding opportunity.

In order to provide applicants with accurate information and further clarity concerning the priority areas, SSHRC is in the process of revising its Frequently Asked Questions on this matter and will send out a message when the updated information is available. Please consult the following link to access the FAQ page:


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