CIHR – Operating Grant: Population Health Intervention Research competition

The CIHR Institute of Population and Public Health is pleased to announce the launch of the Operating Grant: Population Health Intervention Research competition.

Faculty of Education Research Office: One week prior to CIHR deadline
Research Development & Services: At least 3 days prior to CIHR deadline
CIHR: This funding opportunity has a two- step application process: Phase 1 requires you to complete a Letter of Intent (LOI), and Phase 2 requires you to complete an Application upon invitation.  The deadlines are as follows:

Phase 1: Letter of Intent

Phase 2: Application

Application Deadline



Anticipated Notice of Decision



Funding Start Date


Amount: maximum $100,000 per year for up to 2 years

Description: The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support the prompt initiation of population health intervention research on rapidly unfolding programs, policies and resource distribution approaches that have been initiated by others (e.g., policy makers) and have the potential to impact health and health equity at the population level. Many such interventions are unfolding and evolving constantly across the country, making the opportunities to initiate research more short-lived than most funding streams can effectively support. They are often planned and funded by community, non-profit, private, and/or public organizations both within and outside of the health sector (e.g., housing, environment and education). However, these efforts lack the embedded mechanisms needed for the rigorous assessment of processes and outcomes, sharing of lessons learned, and application of this knowledge to new program and policy decisions. As a result, they represent a rich but untapped collection of potential “natural experiments” that could benefit from researcher expertise and involvement.

More information

A ROLA proposal will be required with the full application.

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