Recent Updates on CIHR’s CCV

CIHR recognizes that moving to the new Common CV presents a significant change for the research community and that there are a number of challenges with the revised system. Please be assured that the CCV team is working to address the system issues that have been identified since the renewed Common CV was launched. The following information and tips are intended to assist the research community in completing their CCV to apply to CIHR funding opportunities.

CIHR will provide regular E-Alert updates as issues with the renewed CCV for CIHR users are addressed.

Data Migration

Users may experience a delay in loading their CV initially. The length of the delay will depend on the size of the CV and may take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. However, once the CV is loaded, subsequent navigation through the different sections and fields will be faster.

Wherever possible, information contained in the old CIHR-CCV data fields has been migrated over to the new system. For most users, the migration of this data has proceeded as expected. CCV has posted a table mapping where fields from the old CCV were mapped to the new CCV. Some users have reported that inappropriate mapping seems to have occurred. The CCV team is assisting those individuals to identify the severity of the issues and to ensure that these are isolated events. CCV has also provided some information on data migration in an FAQ on the CCV home page.

One common issue raised relates to the Research Funding History section, where CIHR intended to capture the currency in which funding was reported. This new data element has introduced some frustration and CIHR is working with CCV to address this issue (see the section “Research Funding History – Identification of Currency” below).

In order to ensure CV information is accurate and complete, users will be required to review, validate, and update information in a very structured manner and may be required to commit a significant amount of time to this process. CIHR encourages all users to allow additional time to familiarize themselves with the new system and its additional data requirements. We welcome feedback on your experience with the data migration process.

Research Funding History – Identification of Currency

The CIHR Academic and Knowledge User CVs require users to enter the currency in which funding is held in order to allow funding from abroad to be easily described. In response to feedback that this step is cumbersome, CIHR has requested that the system be adjusted so that the Total Funding and Currency fields are automatically populated with the data currently in the Total Funding (CAN$) field. This update will be completed soon. However, if an application is due in the coming weeks, the Total Funding and Currency fields must be manually populated for each funding source. Please note that for the CIHR Open Operating Grants Program, completion of this field is required only at the application stage, and not at the registration stage.

Ordering of Records

Users will notice that the order of summary records (e.g., Journal Articles, Research Funding History) in the new system does not follow a specific format and there is currently no mechanism available to sort information. CIHR recognizes that this makes it difficult to validate information, particularly when cross-referencing with a previous version. A change to the application is in process which will apply a default order to all sections, including a chronological order for sections that have dates. The resolution is expected soon, and a system message update is available on the CCV Welcome page.

Expanded Contribution Section

CIHR recognizes the wide variety of contributions made by applicants. In order to ensure the new system provides all applicants with the ability to submit their information, this section has been restructured to incorporate a number of additional data fields in four sub-categories: presentations, interviews and media relations, publications and intellectual property.

Researchers are encouraged to submit contributions considered the most significant to the application. Fields left blank in this section will not be included in the final CV viewed by peer reviewers.

* In some cases, it may not be clear where a particular contribution should be placed (e.g., editorial activities, journal review activities). Applicants should make the choice they deem most appropriate, and CIHR will ensure peer reviewers do not miss information by familiarizing them with the new CCV structure in advance of peer review.

* There is a five-year time limit on many contributions; for ongoing, long term activities (e.g., volunteering) the applicant can enter a start date of five years ago.

In recognition of the potential burden required to enter contributions, CIHR is phasing in the requirement for all contributions to be entered as data elements in CCV. Applicants currently have three options with respect to the submission of contributions:

* Follow the same process that has been used in the past by submitting all contribution information in PDF format in ResearchNet, leaving the contributions section in the Common CV blank for the time being;

* Enter a minimum of five contributions (across all contribution types) over the course of the previous five years into the Common CV. The remaining contributions published in the last five years may be provided as an attachment in ResearchNet as part of the application for funding; or

* Enter all contributions published in the last five years into the new CCV system.


Previously, publication lists and publications were submitted as attachments in ResearchNet. Since this information was never entered into the old CCV system database, applicants will be required to enter publication information as structured data in CCV. To assist in this process links to PubMed and university systems have been incorporated into the new CCV. For example, a PubMed ID can be entered in order to import citation information. However, as noted above, publication information will be accepted in PDF format for the upcoming CIHR competitions, including the Open Operating Grants Program, and this section of the CCV can be left blank.

Research Classification

As part of the transition to the renewed Common CV, all agencies are now using the classification system previously used in the CCV by provincial agencies to identify research focus areas. Many CIHR applicants will have had experience using this system, however we have received feedback that some users are unable to find a data element that best reflects their type of research.

In this situation, for each classification area, users are asked to:

1. Add a record

2. Click “Find”

3. Select an element from the first dropdown (i.e., Sector of Discipline, Sector of Research, Field of Application)

4. Click “Search”

Following the above steps will present users with a list of related research areas from which they should select the most appropriate element.

Should the list of related research areas not offer the appropriate values to describe their research, users are instructed to select the next closest value, even if it is not an exact match, and then provide a more precise description in the free-format “Research Specialization Keywords” field found on the User Profile page.

How to Submit Your CV

Once a CV has been saved and submitted, CCV will generate a unique CCV confirmation number. The Nominated Principal Applicant/Candidate will now be required to enter this number and those of the other participants in ResearchNet. ResearchNet will validate that the CCV confirmation number submitted is the correct funding CV for the funding opportunity. Once validated, ResearchNet will incorporate the CV information into the registration or application file.

Note that applicants will not be able to preview the CV PDF in ResearchNet, only the CCV confirmation number for each participant will be displayed.

Open Operating Grants Program Registration Deadline and CCV Requirements

For the upcoming Open Operating Grants Program registration phase, applicants are required to upload the CIHR Registration CV into ResearchNet by August 15, 2012. In order to fulfil the requirements for registration, this short CV requires the validation of two CCV sections only: Personal Information and User Profile.

Next Steps

We are currently gathering and reviewing all of the feedback received and will be developing a work plan to address your concerns.

Moving forward, CIHR will provide regular updates regarding the CIHR-CCV. CIHR training videos highlighting what is new in the Common CV and Tips and Tricks for using the new system are now available on the CIHR website

CIHR thanks the research community for its patience and understanding as we work through this process. Please do not hesitate to contact CIHR at or 1-888-603-4178 to provide feedback or request further assistance.

Useful CIHR Contacts

General Inquiries: 613-941-2672
Grants & Awards Information: 613-954-1968
Media Relations: 613-941-4563
Ethics Office: 613-948-5852
Technical / IT Help Desk: 613-941-0068
CIHR’s website:


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