Update 4 from CIHR on Renewed Canadian Common CV (CCV)

Instructions for applicants who are experiencing difficulties completing their CCV or linking their CCV to their CIHR application

CIHR is currently receiving a high volume of queries as the September 17, 2012 deadline date for the Open Operating Grants and other competitions approaches. Additional staff have been deployed to respond to all queries and we are making every effort to reply to you as quickly as possible. Our Help Desk and programs staff will be on duty until 8:00 p.m. ET on the September 17 deadline date and on deadline dates of other major competitions.

If you are experiencing issues with the CCV, whether it relates to completing the CCV or to linking your CCV to your CIHR application, please contact CIHR at ccv-cvc@cihr-irsc.gc.ca  or 1-888-603-4178. Should you not receive an immediate response, please be assured that we are logging your call or message and that we are prepared to be flexible in accepting your application after the deadline date if we are unable to resolve your issue by 8:00 p.m. ET on the deadline date.

For your reference, a CCV Frequently Asked Questions document (http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/45688.html) has now been posted to the CIHR website. From the CIHR home page, click on the “CCV Help” button to access this FAQ and other information on the CCV for CIHR, including updates, training links and additional resources.


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