SSHRC – New Electronic Grants Management System

New Electronic Grants Management System, together with Canadian Common CV, launched with SSHRC Insight Development Grants

SSHRC’s Electronic Grants Management System

SSHRC, in collaboration with NSERC, has been working to modernize its technology infrastructure and develop a new electronic grants management system that will streamline and simplify the submission process for both applicants and partners. A new portal for all external users will provide a single point of entry for all of SSHRC’s interactions with applicants, reviewers, committee members, institutions and partners. This new grants management system uses a proven software platform that has been tailored to the needs of SSHRC and the SSHRC research community, and is at the leading edge of compliance with the Government of Canada’s standards for accessibility, usability and interoperability. The system will also be CASRAI-compliant.

Following a rigorous development and testing process involving members of the research community and SSHRC staff, a phased-in approach will now see the rollout of the system beginning with the Insight Development Grants  competition in November 2012, well in advance of the competition’s February 1, 2013 deadline. Additional funding opportunities and programs for both SSHRC and NSERC, including the Canada Research Chairs program, will be phased in to the system in 2013.

As with any significant change, there will be an adjustment period to the use of the new grants management system, which also requires adoption of the new Canadian Common CV.  We will make every effort to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible, and are committed to providing responsive, quality service to address any issues that may arise.

Canadian Common CV (CCV)

Concurrently with the launch of the new grants management system, SSHRC will move to the new Canadian Common CV (CCV) to replace the SSHRC CV for the Insight Development Grants competition. The CCV, developed by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, allows SSHRC researchers to maintain their CV data in a single repository and use it to apply not only to SSHRC, but to programs at 22 different funding organizations across Canada, including NSERC, CIHR, CFI and the Canada Council for the Arts.

All participants in the Insight Development Grants will be required to complete and upload their CCV when submitting an application to SSHRC. SSHRC has been working in collaboration with the CCV team, CAURA and a panel of prospective users from the SSHRC community to fully adapt the CCV to the needs of SSHRC applicants, through such means as a simplified template and a reduced number of mandatory fields. We will also ensure that resources are available to support users as they make the transition to the new format.

Please note that at this time, use of the new CCV applies only to the Insight Development Grants. The current SSHRC CV will continue to be used for all other competitions until those funding opportunities have been moved onto the new grants management system. SSHRC will provide regular updates on the schedule for the transition of future funding opportunities well in advance of the respective competition deadlines. Based on the feedback we receive from a variety of sources, including users, we will also provide regular technical updates to both the grants management system and the CCV as new competitions are brought onboard.

We are excited about this new technology, and confident that together, the new systems will provide a substantial improvement to the application and grants management process for all stakeholders, particularly users. Since CCV data need to be entered only once and can be re-used for future applications to SSHRC and other participating organizations, the CCV will ultimately lighten the load on the research community. Nevertheless, we encourage applicants to allow additional time to familiarize themselves with both systems and to enter their data, particularly into the CCV.


We have published a fact sheet and a Q&A document on the SSHRC website, relating to the grants management system portal and the CCV. In addition, SSHRC’s Research Portfolio will be offering a webinar on the grants management system portal and CCV for the Insight Development Grants, open to all interested participants, in early December 2012. Details will be made available on the SSHRC website in the coming weeks.


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