SSHRC Insight Development Grants – New Grants Management System

On November 5, SSHRC launched its new grants management system Portal, together with the Canadian Common CV (CCV), for the 2013 Insight Development Grants (IDG) competition.

Steps to Apply to the Insight Development Grants Opportunity

Under the new system, Insight Development Grants applicants apply by the following means:

  1. Check the Insight Development Grants description to confirm that their project meets the opportunity’s objectives and criteria.
  2. Consult or print the CCV instructions linked to from the Insight Development Grants description.
  3. Create an account in the Research Community Portal and access the Insight Development Grants application form.
  4. Invite co-applicants and collaborators, if applicable.
  5. Create a CCV account.
  6. Fill out, save and download .xml file of their CCV.
  7. Fill out and save their Insight Development Grants application form, and upload all necessary attachments (including the CCVs of all team members).
  8. Verify and submit their application form.
  9. Their research office then verifies the application, and forwards it to SSHRC.

Portal Instructions

The new grants management system has been designed to be simpler and more intuitive for applicants. Many application elements have been incorporated into drop-down lists, text boxes and response-driven formats, simplifying previously complex requirements.

Instructions still required under the new system have been incorporated directly onto the screens where applicants need them.

While application content instructions appear directly on the application and upload screens, help bubbles are provided in the Identification portion of the application. Note that these texts contain only simple, high-level descriptions of the nature of the relevant field/box itself, or respond to frequently asked questions, rather than provide content-related instructions.

Given the reduced number of instructions, SSHRC does not have plans to compile instructions into a single document, as was done with the extensive instructions under the old system.

For technical questions please contact:
Tel.: 613-995-4273

For Programs-related questions please contact:
Research Portfolio
Tel.: 613-996-6976


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