Dr. Jennifer Rowsell, Canada Research Chair in Multiliteracies – Talk

Resourcing Early Learners: New Networks, New Players


Dr. Jennifer Rowsell,
Canada Research Chair in Multiliteracies
Brock University

 Monday, January 21, 2013
1:00 pm
Room 1139 (Community Room), Faculty of Education

 All are welcome. Refreshments will be served. RSVP to tbeynen@uwo.ca

 Abstract: In the prior to school period, the range of organizations and services that aim to resource parents of young children is diverse and proliferating. They include government departments, corporations, community organizations, advocacy groups, and others, at levels from the neighborhood to the international. While they may share an interest in the young child as the subject of a social program, their agendas differ, as do the knowledge bases through which they define the child as learner, and the histories of practice through which they put in place specific programs and activities. The outcome of these differences is that there is no single universally agreed-upon definition of early learning or belief concerning what is required to bring it about. In this research, we set out to identify key networks and players within the early learning agendas across three international contexts. In the research and resultant book we argue for the importance of understanding this complex, dynamic landscape in terms of the multiple agendas and their impacts on parents and their young children. I will present findings of the data, with a specific focus on our methodology and ways in which it could be replicable across contexts.


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