Faculty of Education – Seminar Series

Behaviour and Classroom Management Resurrected: The Behaviour Management Network

 Dr. Alan Edmunds

Wednesday, February 27th
2:00 pm
Faculty of Education Room 1010

 All are welcome; please RSVP to tbeynen@uwo.ca

Dynamic Classroom Management is a school-wide approach to behavior and classroom management developed in response to call for studies that design and validate classroom management interventions within a school- wide process. Dr. Edmunds’ original research demonstrated the highly successful use of DCM to improve student behaviours, reduce referrals to the principal’s office, and to enhance the overall tone of classrooms and schools (Edmunds, 2010a; 2010b; 2011).

The Behaviour Management Network was designed to make Dynamic Classroom Management available to all 72 Ontario school boards. The pre-existing DCM materials were transformed into training and intervention resources now available on The Behaviour Management Network website (http://www.edu.uwo.ca/dynamic-classroom-management/index.asp).

Dr. Edmunds will discuss the underlying principles of the research, the framework for DCM, the results of the intervention, and the new resources available to all Ontario educators.


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