Ministry of Research and Innovation- Early Researcher Award (ERA)

Representatives from The Ministry of Research and Innovation will visit Western on Wednesday, March 6th, (1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.) at the Support Services Building Room 4210,  for the launch of Round 9 of the Early Researcher Award competition.

The Early Researcher Award program is open to Full-time faculty or principal investigators who are:

–          No more than 5 years from having started their independent academic research career, as of July 1, 2012;
–          No more than 10 years, taking into consideration eligible delays/interruptions, from having completed their first Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, or Medical Doctor, as of July 1, 2012;
–          Tier 1 Canada Research Chairs are not eligible to apply for an ERA.

All are welcome to attend this session. If you plan on making an application to this program, please join us.  If you are unable to attend please contact us for an information package.

For reference, following are deadlines for Round 9 of the ERA competition:

March 6 Information SessionSupport Services Building Room 4210

1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

April 2013 Meet with Faculty/Institution
May 24, 2013 NOI due to RD&S
May 31, 2013 NOI due to Ministry
July 1, 2013 First Application Draft to RD&S
August 1, 2013 Letters of Reference, Support Letter and ROLA to RD&S
August 5, 2013 Final application package to RD&S (SSB 5150)
August 12, 2013 Final Application Package to Ministry

If you wish to make an early start on your application, further information can be found here.

Also attached is a Notice of Intent form, an Application Form and the ERA Budget Sheet.

Please don’t hesitate to contact either Bryce Pickard (; x85313) or  Antoinette Martin (; x 84620), should you need any information or assistance.


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