Eligibility of Air Canada Economy Fare Classes on Tri-Council Research Awards

The Tri-council Financial Administration Guide states that Air travel must be claimed at the lowest rate available, not to exceed full economy fare.”

The Tri-councils have recently confirmed that Tango and Flex (Tango Plus) are Air Canada’s lowest fare options, and should either of these fares be available it is expected that the lowest of these options be taken.  Latitude fares are allowable only when Tango or Flex fares are not available.  In accordance with this ruling, if an Air Canada Latitude fare is being charged to a Tri-Council research project, the travel claim should be accompanied by a screenshot from the Air Canada website showing that on the selected dates of travel there were no Tango or Flex fares available.

Similarly, for other carriers the lowest economy fair should be selected.

NOTE:  The above may not apply to long haul, international flights where business class could be acceptable, with the appropriate approvals and within agency rules.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Research Finance staff.

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