CIHR – CCV Changes

Canadian Common CV (CCV) changes effective April 22, 2013

As part of CIHR’s ongoing commitment to providing updates on the Canadian Common CV (CCV), please note that, effective April 22, 2013, the following changes have been implemented.

* Adjustments to terms used in sections, fields and drop-down lists

Users who created a CV before April 22, 2013 may notice that some section and field names as well as terms within drop-down lists have been refined, and in some cases changed, the next time the CV is accessed or printed. Please note that the section and field name changes will not be applied to CVs that have already been submitted to the CCV system. These changes apply to the CIHR Academic, Knowledge User and IAB CV templates.

* New drop-down list values

New values have been added to the drop-down lists within the Knowledge Translation Activities and Leave of Absence sections of the CIHR Academic and Knowledge User CV templates.

* Removed “Industry” from drop-down list options

The term “Industry” has been removed from the Target Stakeholder field of the Knowledge Translation Activities section of the CIHR Academic and Knowledge User CV templates. New terms have been added to the Target Stakeholder field to more accurately identify this stakeholder group.

Users who previously selected “Industry” within the Target Stakeholder field will now see an error when they access the CV and must select one of the new terms (Industry/Business – Small, Industry/Business – Medium, etc.).

Detailed information about these changes is available on the CIHR website at Detailed tables of CCV changes effective April 22, 2013.


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