Canadian Common CV “Walk-in Clinics” at Western

CIHR has been using the CCV for its applications for the past year.

SSHRC Insight Development Grants used the CCV in the most recent competition and will add competitions over the next year.

NSERC will be using a new Portal for the upcoming Discovery Grants (Individual and Team) and Subatomic Physics Grants. The Common CV will replace the Form 100 for these NSERC programs. The Common CV is required at the Discovery Grant NOI stage deadline of August 1st. NSERC Details:

If your upcoming research application requires the Common CV, it is recommended that the Common CV be completed early. Creation of a new CV is time-consuming and will take 1-2 working days, or more.

To assist with the creation or update of your Common CV, a number of ‘Walk-in Clinics’ have been scheduled. Drop in at any time during the dates below, and bring your laptop to have your questions answered while working on your CV. Joe Halbersma from Research Development & Services will be available for assistance.

Scheduled Workshops:
Thursday May 16th      1pm to 4pm                 WSC 187
Friday, May 17th         9am to 12pm               SEB 3102
Tuesday May 28th       9am to 12pm               WSC 187
Wednesday May 29th 9am to 11:30am          SEB 3102
Friday May 31st           9am to 12pm               WSC 187
Wednesday June 5th    9am to 11am               M150A (CIHR)
Thursday June 6th        1pm to 4pm                 WSC 187
Tuesday June 11th       1pm to 4pm                 WSC 187
Thursday, June 13th     1pm to 4pm                M150A (CIHR)
Monday June 17th       1pm to 4pm                 SEB 3102
Thursday June 20th      9am to 12pm               SEB 3102


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