CCV Upgrade, May 2013 – Summary

From May 17th to 19th, improvements to the CCV application were implemented.  The system is now back in service.

As part of the commitment to continuous improvement, the following changes were introduced in response to the feedback received:

Enhancements to search functionality

  • Smart search functionality is now available for drop down lists (e.g. Title, Phone Type, Degree Type, etc.) and reference group selection (e.g. Organization, Research Disciplines, Location, etc.)
  • Users can now complete field searches using autoselect/autocomplete functionality.

Removal of subdivision requirement

  • Users are no longer required to select a Subdivision for countries other than Canada and the United States.  The value “Not Required” will automatically be populated.
  • Note: In all user accounts, all subdivisions other than those for Canada and the United States have been converted to “Not Required”.

Ability to sort PubMed entries

  • PubMed date values were converted to CCV date format (YYYY-MM-DD) for the chronological sort and filtering of records only.  These enhancements have been made to allow PubMed entries to be sorted by their publication dates. As a result, all PubMed publication dates currently entered in the CCV using any of the formats listed below have been automatically converted to the format YYYY-MM-DD.

YYYY Season [Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter]

* Please note that if your PubMed publication dates were not entered using any of the above formats, the publication date field was cleared when this enhancement was implemented.  Therefore, if you have modified the publication date of a PubMed record in your CV and have not used one of the above formats, you will need to re-enter the date in your CV.

The CCV is continuously improving based on feedback received from the research community and its member agencies. The community is invited to continuously provide feedback to any of the member agencies.


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