Update on SSHRC’s Research Portal and Canadian Common CV

SSHRC, in collaboration with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, has been working to modernize its technology infrastructure and improve services in the delivery of its programs. In November 2012, SSHRC launched the new Research Portal, along with the SSHRC template for the Canadian Common CV (CCV), as part of the February 2013 Insight Development Grants competition.

The next SSHRC Insight Development Grants competition will launch in fall 2013 and will continue to use the new Research Portal and CCV. For those who did not apply last year and plan to submit an application, we encourage you to begin filling out the SSHRC template for the CCV well in advance of the February deadline. Apart from Insight Development Grants, all other grant competitions this year will be on the previous IT platform and will be using the former SSHRC CV. The Tri-Council Canada Graduate Scholarships (Master’s) will launch using the new research portal, along with the new CCV, in September 2013.

In response to feedback from the research community, SSHRC continues to work with the IT team to improve the new Research Portal and CCV experience for applicants, partners and institutions. They are assessing the on-boarding schedule for future funding opportunities with deadlines in fall 2014 and will keep the community informed of plans as they emerge.


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