Fall 2013 CIHR Open Operating Grants (OOGP) Competition

The CIHR Operating Grant Program (OGP) provides operating funds to support research proposals in all areas of health research. If your program of research is in the health area, you may be eligible for funding from CIHR.  SSHRC no longer funds health-related research that is eligible for funding under CIHR.

CIHR – Letter of Intent / Registration: August 15, 2013  (Letters of Intent are Mandatory)
Faculty of Education Research Office:
One week prior to the Research Services deadline. (2-3 weeks prior if you wish to have extensive feedback on your application. Contact Karen Kueneman.)
Research Development & Services: September 9, 2013
CIHR Full Application: September 16, 2013, 2:00 p.m. (for a notice of decision end of January 2014)
Amount: up to 12.5M

The Operating Grant is flexible, in that there are:

  • No specific requirements in relation to team size or team composition;
  • No specific requirements or restrictions on the specific research activities to be undertaken

Applications: All registrations (Letters of Intent) and applications for the Operating Grant Program must be submitted electronically using ResearchNET.

A ROLA proposal must accompany the Full Application.

NOTE: You must use the new version of the Canadian Common CV (CCV).  Applicants are advised to plan for additional time to enter information and review their CV data.

For more details, please see the CIHR website or consult with Karen Kueneman, kueneman@uwo.ca


Fall 2013 Signature Process (Research Western)

Western as LEAD Institution

1. Mandatory Registration (NOI): August 15th, 2013, 8pm EST
Applicants must submit a Registration Entry to CIHR via ResearchNet.
Once submitted, the title, peer review committee, and Nominated Principal Applicant cannot be changed without CIHR’s approval.

2. RD&S Application Submission Deadline: September 9th, 2013, 8pm EST
Each applicant must complete and submit a ROLA Proposal by September 9th, 2013.   and submit the application on ResearchNet or email a PDF of the application to researchoffice@uwo.caPlease use “CIHR Open Operating Grant Application” in the subject line.

3. Electronic submission by the Applicant: September 16, 2013, 2pm EST.
The applicant must ‘Submit to Institution’ on ResearchNet website by Electronic approval, submission and receipt no later than 2:00 pm of the final deadline date. The Research Services Office must then approve and submit the Application to CIHR.  CIHR will acknowledge receipt of your electronic application.

Questions regarding any aspect of the OOGP competition can be sent to researchoffice@uwo.ca

ROLA help is available at rolahelp@uwo.ca or x83136.



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