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Congratulations to the Faculty and Staff in the Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children for an incredible conference on Social Media and Sexual Violence. There were many reports in local and national media:

Experts exploring role of social media in sexual violence at major conference
Western News
Research suggests that approximately 25 per cent of today’s youth are cyber bullied and only slightly less (18 per cent) cyber bully others.

* * * * *

Social Media & Sexual Violence: Understanding the links to students’ mental health & well-being at the Faculty of Education, Western University.

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The link between social media and sexual violence
Port Stanley News
The mother of B.C. teen Amanda Todd…

* * * * *
Carol Todd speaks about bullying, suicide
London Community News
By Craig Gilbert
A rapt audience of mre than 500 people heard the ballad of Princess Snowflake (Nov. 8).

* * * * *

Social Media and Sexual Violence Conference: Understanding Links to Students’ Mental Health and Well-being
Canada News Wire
The tragic deaths by suicide of young girls like Amanda Todd , Savy Turcotte, and Rehtaeh Parsons have shown that sexual bullying has become a sad reality in our schools and is being carried into our homes through social media and the internet.

* * * * *

Amanda Todd’s mother to speak on campus
The Gazette
By Christine Bonk
The Social Media and Sexual Violence Conference begins tonight at Western, organized by Western’s Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children (CREVAWC), the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the Thames Valley District School Board.

* * * * *

Amanda Todd’s mom brings message to London
By Mike Donachie
More than 28 million people have watched her daughter’s YouTube video, but for Carol Todd that will never be enough.

* * * * *

Conference tackles social media and sexual violence
By Chris Montanini
Carol Todd – the mother of late B.C. teen Amanda Todd – will be part of a conference in London next month…

* * * * *

Amanda Todd leaving a Legacy
106.9 the X
Amanda Todd’s mother Carol Todd is on a mission to end bullying.

* * * * *

Western Hosts Sexual Violence Conference
Blackburn News
By Avery Moore
Teachers, students, police and support workers will gather in London at Western University this week to talk cyber bullying.

* * * * *

Carol Todd is turning pain into gain
London Free Press, Beacon Herald and other Sun Media publications
By Ian Gillespie
For many parents, the world of their children is a “perfect storm” of social media, sexual violence and mental health worries that leaves them feeling helpless and paralyzed.


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