CIHR Reform Transition Planning Workshop

CIHR Reform Transition Planning Workshop

A brief overview of the CIHR transition period and its nuances.

Medical Sciences Building, Room 148
January 9th, 2014,
2:00 – 3:00pm

  • Confused about the CIHR Open Suite reforms and upcoming transition period?
  • Wondering if you’re eligible to the new foundation pilots?
  • Planning your research funding requests for the next few years?

As a result of CIHR Open Suite reforms and subsequent transition period (2014-2016), all health researchers need to be aware of the options open to them in terms of CIHR funding over the next few years. Failure to take into account all possible options and plan funding requests accordingly could result in large funding gaps. As only two more standard Open Operating grants remain it is imperative that researchers begin to plan their grant submissions strategically in order to secure adequate funding and position themselves well for 2016.

To assist with planning during the transition period this workshop will address navigating the nuances of the transition period and the eligibility requirements to the Foundation Pilots. Substantial time will be devoted to Q&A.

All health researchers are encouraged to attend. Please take the time to ensure you are aware of the regulations/special considerations found in the CIHR funding programs, new and old, during the transition period.


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