Ministry of Education / Faculties of Education Forum

The Ministry of Education and Faculties of Education are pleased to co-host a Forum in May, 2014 to support educators in renewing their learning and energizing their practice by:

  • engaging in dialogue and sharing meaningful initiatives during interactive learning sessions
  • connecting educators who can extend their network and professional learning communities/communities of practice.

Forum participants will be invited from each Faculty of Education, Subject/Division Association and the Ministry.

See below for the Call for Presenters and Facilitators for the Forum, to take place at OISE in Toronto on May 14, 2014.

This year’s Forum will focus on Research to Practice – Practice to Research: Nurturing Relationships for Teaching, Learning and Well-Being

Some of the questions that will be pursued are:

  • How does this research/practice demonstrate innovative thinking, the nurturing of collaborative partnerships and the value of a synthesis of relevant research and authentic practice?
  • How does this practice/research relationship facilitate teaching and learning and support the well-being of students, teachers, schools, faculties and/or communities?
  • What are the potentials for enhanced relationships in an extended teacher education program?

Please consider how your work intersects with this theme and these questions. If you would like to make a presentation and/or facilitate a session at the Forum, we are interested in receiving your proposal by January 13, 2014. For convenience, the attached 2014 Forum_Call for Presenters includes an application form that can be completed and emailed.

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