Visiting Speaker – Dr. Ning Ma

All are invited to attend this talk:

The Popularization Project of “Utilizing Education Technology to Improve Education Quality in Chinese Rural Schools

Dr. Ning Ma
School of Educational Technology
Beijing Normal University, China

10:30 a.m.
Thursday, January 16
Faculty of Education, Room 1010

Coffee, tea, and water will be provided
Please RSVP to Alyson Watson ( by January 14th if you plan to attend.

Abstract: The neglect of the research on teaching process in the rural school’s classroom has been a weak link in the research of rural education.  According to the traditional theory of educational equity, the inequity of education starting point will inevitable result in the inequity of educational outcome.  However, this law may be changed if there is a new innovative instructional theory, model, and method.
By applying innovative education theory, models, and methods effectively, we built a group of core demonstrative schools in rural areas and improve the quality of teaching and comprehensive quality of pupils at these schools in 2 to 4 years.  From 2000 till now, more than 360 schools and 50 thousand students around China benefit from the project.  As a core person of the institute, Dr. Ning Ma joined the project from the beginning and in charge of more than 80 experimental schools in Beijing, Guangdong, etc.  In the lecture, Dr. Ma will introduce the theories, instructional methods, teaching materials, and experiences of the project.


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